Saving Tower 17


Part 1

May 3, 2004

After a week of preparing Tower 17 for its one mile journey to Rosenberg Railroad Museum, the day has finally arrived for the move.  Things get interesting when the tower is "sandwiched" between a Union Pacific local working off of the Victoria Division and a train on the old "Sunset Route" main track.

For the first time ever in its 100+ year history, Tower 17 was moved off of the foundation at 3:21PM and began the slow trek to its new home at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum.  Years of planning and over a week of preparing the building for the move all come down to this...

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Here are some pictures of Tower 17’s last day beside the tracks. 

 Some interesting notes:

 Last Train to pass Tower 17 with the tower in place:  LHT-042    UP Local East Bound off of the VD (Victoria Division) Main to Sugarland’s Yard.

 First Train to pass Tower 17’s location without the tower in place:  BNSF Local 191   South Bound to it’s Rosenberg Siding.

 I also got some pictures of the UP Local (LHT-042) performing a “run around” on the “Shoo Fly” track by Tower 17, then pushing some freight car back up the “Shoo Fly” onto the VD Main Track to get ready for it’s return trip to Sugarland.

 Tower 17 – “Out”

 Jim Vollmar  





The tower is on the move and just clears the new interlocking cabin on the right and a telephone pole on the left in a "squeeze play".




The moving crew quickly poses for a shot right after the tower is removed from the foundation.  From left are Jim Blott, Jim Vollmar, UP Trainmaster Leroy Stohs, and Russell Straw.  Not shown is crewmember Alvin Goolsby, who was the photographer.

At left, Tower 17 crosses the tracks for the first time in its history.



Bottom left, Russell Straw waves at the first train to pass by after the tower is moved - the BNSF local.

Bottom right is the strange new view - looking east toward the "former" site of Tower 17.


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