Saving Tower 17

The Disassembly - Day 5

April 30, 2004

Final preparations for moving the tower are taken care of.

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Day 5 was spent removing the final portions of the first floor walls and preparation for connecting the wheels to transport the tower.  As the tower is being lowered, so is the roof line, which was once higher then the trains.  The roof is now about half way up the train (Approx 6 feet of clearance).  Pretty close.  We still have the “Close Clearance” and “Restricted Speed” orders in place with the railroad until the tower has been moved.  

[A family showed up to take pictures of the tower being disassembled, and Jim couldn't resist getting photos of small children doing what they do best - getting dirty!]

Some of the walls and windows from the first floor have already been transported to the museum and are being stored on the West end of the temporary building.

Saturday, May 1, was to be the move day for the tower but rain set in so no activity at the tower.  I went by the tower to make sure that the orange safety fence was still in place..all ok there.  The plan is to move the tower on Monday, May 3, 2004 .


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