Saving Tower 17

The Disassembly - Day 4

April 29, 2004

By the 4th day, things are really shaping up for the move.

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Day 4 accomplished quite a bit of work on the tower.  The tower is now completely separated from the foundation and is being supported by the 2 steel beams which were jacked up into place yesterday.  The interior and exterior walls of the first floor are in the process of being removed and transported to the museum property.  

Rotted Wood Frame.

After separating the walls from the foundation, an inspection of the structural frame of the first floor was performed by Al Goolsby, Jim Blott, Russell Straw and myself.  Inspection of the walls revealed wood rot and some termite damage to both the wood frame and exterior tongue and groove wood siding.  The first floor frame work has been spliced to additional wood framework which is also showing signs of wood rot.  I discussed reassembly options with the Cherry crew foreman to see what his experience has been with similar buildings.  He stated that there are two possible options we should consider for our building.  The first would involve splicing new wood supports to the existing supports and removing the rotted portion of the supports.  The 2nd option would be to install totally new pressure treated framing and bracing for the first floor exterior and interior walls and then reinstalling the original wood siding onto this new frame work. I met with Travis Reese Thursday afternoon to discuss these findings and discussed the 2 options that Cherry presented.  We both feel that, for the long term, new wood framing and reinstalling the original wood siding is the best option to perform.  This installation would also be the best option for when the city building inspector pays us a visit to inspect the tower.  The cost of this option would also be less labor intensive because the crew would not be handling such large sections of walls during reinstallation but rather would be installing totally new frame work.  The existing window frames will be reinstalled at their original location.  Some rework to these windows will need to be performed, but would be minor repairs to these units.  

Reassembly of the First Floor

Reassembly of the first floor would be accomplished as follows:

1.  Moved the 2nd floor directly over the new foundation at the museum.

2.  Set the 2nd floor at the desired height.

3.  Fabricate the new wood framing from the foundation up to the 2nd story building and secure the framings to the 2nd floor support members

4.  Install the original siding to the new wood frame work.

5.  Fabricate new stairway up to the 2nd floor using pressure treated wood.

Installation Note:

We should consider installing the large Relay Cabinet into the first floor relay room prior to locating the 2nd floor structure over the foundation so that the winch truck can be used to lift this cabinet into place.  

New Schedule Move Date

Discussed the proposed move date with the Cherry Movers foreman after work this afternoon. He feels that the move will NOT take place on Friday;  Still a lot of work to do on the tower.  He feels that Saturday, May 1, 2004 ,  is realistic for the move date.  So, weather permitting, we will move the tower this Saturday. The move will take place during daylight hours only.  

Permits and Escorts for the Move

I contacted Cherry’s office to discuss the permits and escorts. They have already made the application of the move permit with the City of Rosenberg .  They are also working on the Police Escorts for the move as well.  This should be completed on Friday.

That’s about it for day 4. Thanks again to Al, Jim and Russell for their continued help at the tower location.  It’s been great having your input and support!!  Almost there!!  


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