Semaphores Up!

July 24, 2004

At left, Carl Irbin places the strap around the single-masted "home" signal.

At right, Crane operator Gary Harbes lifts the signal while Jim Vollmar and Carl look on.




At left, the single-masted signal is set upon its concrete pedestal with Carl and Jim acting as guides.

At right Jim Vollmar secures the signal to the pedestal with the hex nuts.

At left, once again, someone very thin and agile has to climb up nearly 30 feet on the small signal ladder to remove the strap, and Carl Irbin again performs flawlessly.  




At right, Jim Vollmar uses his newly purchased 25 Amp portable DC power supply to "wow" the attendees of the hamburger supper on Friday evening, July 24, 2004 by demonstrating the operation of the signal. 

Many thanks to the crew and everyone at Uticon Construction Company for their fine work on this project!