Semaphores Up!

July 24, 2004

After two unsuccessful attempts with smaller equipment, and months of wet weather in between, the two Union Switch & Signal lower quadrant semaphore signals were erected on Friday morning, July 24, 2004.

At top left, the Uticon Construction company crane, operated by Gary Harbes, arrives promptly at 8:30 AM.  At top right, the crane gets set up while the BNSF local leaves for a days work.

At left, rigger Carl Irbin straps the double-masted signal. 

At right, the crane lifts the double-masted signal

At left, the double-masted signal is set upon its concrete pedestal, and at right, Carl guides the signal onto the threaded bolts while Jim Vollmar prepares to secure it with the hex nuts.

Now for the interesting part.  Someone, preferrably very thin, has to climb up over 30 feet on the small signal ladder to remove the strap.  Carl Irbin manfully assumes the task while we pray that Jim Vollmar has done a good job attaching the ladders to the signals!  Fortunately, all went well.

At right, an image of master crane operator Gary Harbes.   

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