UPDATE:  The new stairs are complete.  The building has two coats of primer throughout, and some of the final color has been applied.  See "Restoration Continues" in the table below.

Tower 17 Move -
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Semaphores are UP!
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Page 1 - July 24, 2004         Page 2 - July 24, 2004

At right, Jim Vollmar demonstrates the semaphore operation using his new portable 25A power supply during the Hamburger Supper on July 23, 2004.


Magnetic Flagman ("Wig Wag") Crossing Signal -  The wigwag has been sandblasted and painted.  A pedestal has been procured and we are in the process of relocating it on site.

Manufactured in the 1920's, this unit saw service in Brenham, Texas in a configuration similar to the one shown at left.


Motor Car and Shed - The motor car was relocated to our property in time for the festival last March 19.  The shed is still waiting to be moved onto RRM property.  The shed was originally located along the Santa Fe Railroad in Thompsons, Texas.